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Operating Rules

  1. Maintain a listening watch on 123.0 Mhz and make the appropriate reports so that others listening will be advised of your whereabouts or intentions.
  2. Watch out for helicopter traffic as well as other aircraft that do not have a radio.
  3. Maintain a safe and reasonable speed while taxiing on the streets and be extremely alert for other vehicles and children. Be sure to announce your taxiing intentions on 123.00 Mhz.
  4. To use the runway at night, key 123.0 Mhz three times within five seconds to activate the lights which will then stay on for about fifteen minutes.
  5. When departing or landing on runway 5 or 23, use the standard left traffic FAA recommended procedures for operations at a non-towered airport as specified in AIM Section 4-3-3.
  6. Touch and go operations are not permitted. Aerobatic maneuvers of any kind are strictly prohibited within a 3 n mile circle of the airport.
  7. If landing at night and the runway lights fail to come on or anytime severe turbulence or high gusty winds are encountered, do not attempt to land. Please use an alternate airport.
  8. This airport does not have an instrument approach procedure.
  9. Use of the airport is limited to FAA licensed pilots or solo student pilots with the appropriate sign-off from an instructor.
  10. All aircraft based at or utilizing this airport and its facilities must have liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 or more. Proof of liability insurance is required. The liability policy must be kept current and a copy of that policy shall be provided to Airport Investors Inc. at time of renewal. Anyone not meeting this requirement will be required to cease operations at Hidden Lake Airport. Hidden Lake Airport and Airport Investors, Inc. assumes no liability for nor will they be in any way responsible for any damages or any injuries which may be sustained to you, your aircraft or property, or any person by virtue of the use of said aircraft or airport.
  11. Commercial businesses offering flight training or aircraft rental are prohibited.
  12. Rotorcraft may use the airport, but may not use streets or taxiways to hover taxi. Rotorcraft may land at private homes provided that this operation is approved by the Florida DOT and that proof of such approvals are provided to Airport Investors Inc.
  13. Temporary parking: There are no available tie downs at the airport. Anyone wishing to park overnight must have obtained prior approval to park at the residence of a homeowner. Contact 727-534-1998 for details. Overnight parking at the hangars or on the ramp area is not allowed.
  14. Operation of model aircraft in the vicinity of the runway or approach areas is not permitted.
  15. Operations are limited to helicopters and fixed wing propeller driven aircraft with a maximum published gross weight less than 10,000 pounds.
  16. Prior to the start of Phase I flight testing of an experimental aircraft the owner/operator must provide proof of insurance as outlined in Item 10 above.

Airport & Runway Gates

Electronically controlled gates have been installed to access the airport proper and the runway. Vehicular traffic entering the airport ramp and hangar area from Airway Blvd. must open the gate by entering a code at the gate station. Contact 727-534-1998 for information on obtaining a code.

Gates at either end of the runway are utilized to enter or exit the Hidden Lake East community streets/taxiways and require an aircraft radio for operation. The radio frequencies are posted on the gate.

Frequency 123.65 will operate the Northeast gate to access Runway 23.

Frequency 123.075 will operate the Southwest gate to access Runway 5.

The procedure is as follows: One long click of 2 seconds or more followed by three short clicks in rapid succession. D0 NOT PAUSE BETWEEN THE CLICKS!

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