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Residential Information

All of the homes on the East Side have runway access via the streets of the Community which serve the dual purpose of roads and taxiways. Runway access on the West Side is limited to the homes bordering the runway. Many of the homes on the East Side have hangars to store their aircraft. Hidden Lake Estates is considered to be a premier community and many of its residents are professionals such as doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and airline pilots

There are about 150 homes which have direct acess to the runway. Homeowners whom own aircraft pay an initial $500 impact fee and a $75 per month use fee.

This information is provided so that you may know a little more about Hidden Lake Airport and Hidden Lake Estates.

It is not our intention, nor is there need to solicit buyers or business for the Community or Airport. If you do want further information about purchasing a home here you may contact the New Port Richey Chamber of Commerce or one of the many local real estate agents that serve this area. We do not respond to inquiries about homes or real estate. If you would like further information about the airport, please Contact Us.

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