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Hidden Lake Airport

Hidden Lake Airport is a private aviation community located in New Port Richey, FL. Constructed nearly 40 years ago. Approximately 110 FAA Licensed Pilots reside in the community today, which includes: Aviation Hobbyists, Airline Captains, Mechanics, Experimental Builders, and Flight Instructors.

All neighborhood roadways on the east side of the runway also serve as active taxiways, allowing pilots to taxi their aircraft directly to the hangar at their home.

The asphalt runway is is 4,425' x 50', allowing many types of aircraft to use the facility. PAPI and full runway lighting makes night operations much simpler.

All non-resident pilots should review the aviation material on this website prior to landing. [More]

The Community

The friendly folks at Hidden Lake are very involved with local community events to promote aviation. Several times throughout the year the pilots contribute their time and expenses to provide local youth the experience of flight as part of the EAA Young Eagles program. To date, the national Young Eagles program has flown nearly 2 million kids!

Several community pilots also participate in Angel Flight, a non-profit organization that coordinates private flights for medical patients. Much like Young Eagles, the pilot picks-up all expenses.

Listen Live Now

Hidden Lake now has a feed at LiveATC, allowing you to listen to the CTAF frequency right from your computer or mobile device.

Listen to the real-time live audio stream

Live Flight Tracking

Hidden Lake Airport is a proud contributor to the FlightAware platform, which monitors the skies for aircraft position, course, and altitude information using technologies such as ADS-B, TIS-B, MLAT, etc. To see the live map of what Hidden Lake Airport provides, visit our Live SkyView, or to see all other aircraft (globally), be sure to check-out FlightAware.

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