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Resident Stories: Eric & Linda

Like many other aviators, it's always been a dream to live in a fly-in community. A couple years ago, I somehow managed to convince my (amazing & awesome) wife that we should at least look into it. We were already planning to move back home to Florida to be closer to family.

We looked at several airpark communities throughout Florida, some up north, and some down south. Some "out in the sticks" and some that were "packed-in". Ultimately, we decided that Hidden Lake was the perfect fit for us, as it's a combination of rural (with plenty of wildlife) and yet still close enough to civilization; making everything exceptionally convenient. The homes are relatively spread-out, many with their own hangar. Oh, did I forget to mention that the runway facilities are truly top-notch with a nice long paved runway, dual-PAPIs, full lighting, and fuel?

Not knowing what to completely expect, we bought a home and jumped feet first into our new life at Hidden Lake. One of the first things we learned is that the neighbors have exceptional comradery to a degree I've never experienced in any other neighborhood. And of course they all share a single and somewhat unique passion for aviation too. The total flight experience here at Hidden Lake is in the "hundreds of thousands" of logged hours by my best estimation and I find myself grinning ear-to-ear when I hear some of the stories of adventure and excitement.

Admittedly, I wish we would have moved here much sooner, but I do know one thing: we'll probably never leave.


-Eric & Linda

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